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Pediatricians, Physicians & Family Doctor Serving Homosassa, FL

You have reached your destination if you are looking for a family doctor in Homosassa, Florida. Premier Pediatrics is dedicated to the needs of local children, and we are very passionate about the medical services that we provide. This unique Citrus County town is small, but beautiful, and it is well known throughout the region as the home of Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park that attracts manatees and many different species of fish. A significant percentage of the residents of the town are children, and our doors are always open whenever you need a pediatrician near Homosassa, Florida.

Comprehensive Pediatric Services

Since children are going to need various medical services throughout their lives, you should definitely make an effort to develop a long-term relationship with your pediatrician. Clearly, when you have treated the same child for years, there will be a certain comfort level that is very important. Plus, the physician will have a thorough understanding of the child’s medical history.

We endeavor to build lasting relationships because this dynamic is in the best interests of the children that we serve, and we have been quite successful in doing so. If you have a newborn baby as a resident of Homosassa, Florida a pediatrician will be necessary, and we can then provide ongoing care and treatment. The pediatric services Homosassa, FL children can receive from us include general care, immunizations, allergy and asthma management, and effective treatment for most types of illnesses and ailments that impact youngsters.

In addition to the general wellness visits and our responses to particular issues that arise, we provide physicals that are required for participation in certain sports. We can also provide medical assistance to combat obesity, and we have a great deal of expertise when it comes to acne management.


Connect With Premier Pediatrics!

Our practice prioritizes sick child situations, so we can get to you quickly when it is necessary, and we offer a very wide window of availability. Plus, we are among the limited number of pediatricians accepting Medicaid in Citrus County.

Our office in Dunnellon is a very short drive away from Homosassa, so a pediatrician is just a stone’s throw away. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, we can be reached by phone at 352-522-1862, and you can also request a non-urgent appointment through the contact page on this website.